Passage to Ataraxia

Session 3

from the journal of Isini 8/14/12

Our boat drew closer to the man who shot at us. It was almost impossible to injure the gargoyles that flew around us. One tackled me and I flew it up above the ship, and luckily it flew back down. It ripped my powder horn open, and the powder spilled all over the deck. As soon as I blew up the ship I began looking for a way to help everyone. A shark began to attack us so we quickly tied a rope to the strange elf (who held his dog in his legs), and to Aesir who began swimming us away from the shark. After the shark had tried to drown us by dragging us underwater, he turned into a person and told us to search for the man who shot at us. We encountered two Larcinerisauruses who I nearly subdued before they paralyzed me. We later found the man who shot at us (a drow) and Hanu’s crate of left shoes to sell. I dipped the drow’s fingers in black soot and then replaced all the things my friends had stolen from him with left shoes to pay him back. I kept both of the elven dancing shoes, obviously to pot flowers in. I’m glad I didn’t drown or stay paralyzed by the poisonous bite of the infamous Larcinerisauruses.



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