Passage to Ataraxia

Session 4

"A Fantastic Day" -Journal of Aseir 8/15/12

After searching the cave and finding not too much I decided it was time for us to leave. My hnchman followed my lead of drinking the potions and we swam to the surface. During the swim I saw the the sunken airship. Oh how my spirits brightened. Until I saw the hundreds of sharks. Using my quick thinking I attempted to devise a clever way to get passed the shark. I swam down and grabbed the drow I had tied up, brought him to the surface, cut him, and filled a vial of with his blood. I tossed the vial in the sea far enough away. I threw my dagger at it in an attempt to break the vial. I was so surprised that I barely missed the vial with every throw. This salvage was not working out, not lucrative, and no longer fun. I swam back to shore, the others followed. We arrived back in Calimport and Isini and I agreed to meet at my place during the night. I had alot on my mind with many things to do. The elf Aurron and his annoying dog continue to follow me. It’s funny to me, like his little dog that follows him Aurron follows me. However, after the cave incident with the Drow I know Aurron is a good partner for me. He knows that I can get him the gold he obviously wants. And he should know better than to steal from me. After all what good is wealth if you can’t defend it?

I still have my sights set on this salvage when I walk to The Ten Stones. The bartender tells me of a well known salvager named Ramsa. He’s at a nearby table. I approach and explain the situation. I figured the info and Gnomish compass would be enough to sway him. He shoos me off like some sort of half-wit maid. Doesn’t he know who I am? After some thinking I show him the adamantine keys. He agrees to the terms and gives me 2000 gold. The fool. I couldof gotten the keys anywhere. I could be using it as a scheme to make more gold. The idea fills my head. It is a good scheme. I’ll use it again sometime. Ramsa. A fool. Nevertheless I walk out of The Ten Stones with a smile. If only Aurron could understand a thing I said.

I wanted to melt down the adamantine keys and forge them into a dagger but no one seems to be able to, eventually I’ll just have to do it myself. People are so uselesss. After meeting many new people and learning of a new thieves guild, er sailing guild. Coming to the conclusion that dogs are annoying, elves are the most arrogant race, gnomes I get along with since they enjoy the finer things, and dwarves are hit or miss but pretty thick headed usually. I finally get some more info on these keys. And I only had to mention that I had “green keys” and making up a ridiculous gnome name. Gnomes are definitely the most interesting race to me. The boring conversation with key dwarf leads me to a shoddy red peeling building. It has a brass lock and I quickly realize it’s for my brass key. I open the door and three crossbow bolts rush at me. I gracefully move aside and let them pass, child’s play. A rug covers the floor, I pull it back remarking at my own cleverness when I see a hole in the floor. The hole leads to the ceiling and continues for what seems like forever. Ha what an obvious trap. I put the rug back over it and continue down the hall. A door blocks my way. It shocks me a couple times until I realize that i overlooked my key. It opens the door and I continue. Aurron kept pestering me to leave. Such a frail elf. His dog is barking and annoying me but I get over it quickly when I walk into the big room. The desk in the middle has a bunch of receipts from a one “Hanu, Gnome Esquire” I surmise this is Isini’s friend. As if it wasn’t enough that I now own this building. This receipt now
says i own a house on Chult. I could use a getaway. Three caravans are picking up goods from 3 different addresses in town. I’ll check those next. Two urchins approach me as I leave. Oh how entertaining they are. Hopefully I run into them again. They promised to paint my hideout…

Isini is waiting for us at my place and we talk of Hanu and what Isini knows about him and how he lost him. Isini sometimes confuses me with his actions, I’m sure the only thing he knew of Hanu was his name and that he was also a gnome. We decide to head to the first address. It is a rather large warehouse. One of the adamantine keys opens the door. I walk through some rope beads, my party can’t even seem to walk through beads without a fuss. The beads grab them and two swords start attacking them, leaving me alone. A brilliant idea spawns in my brain and I command the swords to stop. One vibrates in an attempt to defy me and I have to command it again, I like that sword. The rope as well obeys me. This day just gets better and better. Inside the room are four crates. I unlock the first three, however some dumb thief broke his pick in the lock before me, it was unsalvageable. They all contained potions Isini drank one before I could stop him. I replaced it and closed the crates. The swords could not leave the building, to my dismay.

The second address led to a town house in the Elven District. I put the key in the lock and moved swiftly to the side as a dart flew past me. How predictable. I step into the foyer of the house and a fireball blows it to hell. Gnomes. A rare breed. What it Hanu hiding with all these obvious traps? As im opening the door a small snake bites my boot and penetrates it, I quickly kill it. The house in unfurnished, the nerve of some to own a houses and leave it unfurnished. A table depicts many books, maps, and facts about Chult. I’m very intrigued with what Hanu is doing in Chilt, mostly how much money is in it.

The third address is an old stable. The key clicks and no trap is set off. Inside is three more crates and a table of Gnome devices. Isini grabs a crossbow of Gnome design. I find a case of six keen daggers. I take em all and replace them with some of my own. Aurron the greedy nudges my shoulder and I give him one. The greedy elf. All of this is because of me. He wanted to leave “The Way” and go home or something. We leave the stables and on the way home I take all the adamantine locks, I might be able to make three daggers! I head home and get ready for the day ahead. Chult lies ahead. The plot thickens. How much can a small creature like a gnome actually be into.



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