Passage to Ataraxia

Session 5

"Perils at Sea" Aseir 8/16/12

We all slept so soundly. The others more than I. I woke up earlier to go see Tama. I needed to ask her some questions about the dreaded CHult. She thought I was joking. Who jokes about Chult? However, since it was me talking to her I can see how she came to the conclusion. SHe gave me 10 doses of antivenom for that little Gnome Compass. I kept one to attempt another scavenger scheme at some other time. I take my leave and head for a bank to put 50 platinum pieces into my money belt. One must be prepared for emergencies. Another clever idea of mine. I return to my group and we head toward the docks. I’m prepared to con the men to think I was sent by Hanu but the positively greatest thing happens and the elf crew of my rather large ship believe that Isini is Hanu! It was too easy! I headed to the Ten Stones to get a drink and meet Ramsa. He wasn’t there so I drank two drinks and left.

As I approach the ship, my ship, I see the Drow from the day before. Perfect. Exactly what I need. The Drow is talking to Auron about his scimitar and addresses me. He agrees to be an interpreter for us. I really like the idea of having a Drow in my group. From the stories I’ve heard they are excellent warriors. ANd having a Drow for intimidation purposes sounds perfect. I accept him into my group. He already has my crew uneasy. I can’t imagine what he’d do to my enemies. The ship starts to pull out while I’m talking to my new henchman and we both have to jump and climb up te side of the ship. We looked at each other and went our seperate ways. I assumed a sort of mutual respect was gained. I showed him no hard feelings for robbing him with a new crossbow and 6 of my own, old, daggers. I think we’re on good footing with each other now.

Three days go by on the ship and I used the time to prepare myself for Chult. However, of course, I’d never admit to it. I read about a lost city called Ataraxia! Where the divine walk with the mundane. I assumed this was the reason that Hanu gathered all these supplies. If I were to find Ataraxia…I’d be the most well known adventurer in Faerun! I’ll continue Hanu’s expedition and find Ataraxia. I can’t wait to get to Chult!

Our final night at sea. Chult is almost in the distance.

On that night a giant squid attacked and destroyed my ship! I just can’t keep nice things! At least I can always get another ship. We washed up on a small sand dune. Also that weird shark man is now in my group. He’s a valuable ally, he wields powerful divine magic but isn’t very reliable in conversation. I’m not complaining.

My group came across the underwater ruins of a temple inhabited by Sanghugins. I’ve only heard stories about them, they weren’t so tough. However, my group seemed to have some trouble. I killed the majority of them while the party flirted with the others. At one time I was fighting 4 or 5 at once! Still no match! Then we…



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