Passage to Ataraxia

Session One

Go For Broke

Isini awoke with a yawn and a smile on the small dirigible headed for the Calamshani shore, and found himself completely alone. A refreshing stroll around the decks turned into a frantic search when he realized his friend, and incidentally the pilot of the ship, was missing. Finding himself utterly incapable of piloting the device himself, he used all his might to begin wantonly pulling levers and gadgets until the ship, and its cargo, crashed into a hundred thousand pieces several hundred feet from the shore and several miles east of Calimport. He levitated to shore and began to hike towards the distant city, a place he had never been to, but had heard many stories about.

Meanwhile, Aesir the Red overheard talk of a card tournament and headed that way to try and win some money. He sat at a table with a half-orc dealer, a halfling, an elf, and a kobold. He stared uneasily at the slovenly wood-elf, in contrast to the finely dressed reptillian. Aesir sneaked in cards that fell from other tables and tricked the others to gain advantage, while the Kobold used arcane magic to influence the game. Finally when duplicate cards came into light, there was a brief period of chaos when the pesky clerk confronted Aesir. Other tables had erupted into confusion as well as crossbow bolts began to fly through the air. At that time, the Kobold swiped most of the winnings and was stabbed by the halfling, pinning his hand to the table, but still managed to turn into a gaseous cloud and flee the scene. The rest of the card players darted off with whatever chips they could and Aseir chased after the halfing with the wood-elf trailing along.

Back at the beach, a man who had recently found himself in charge of a silk caravan was witnessing a strange flying machine crashing into the rocky beach ahead…



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