Passage to Ataraxia

Session Two

Daily Dealings

Isini continues along the Calimshan beach digging his feet in the sand and smiling. He looks toward what he believes to be Calimport, thinking how long it will take his little legs to get there. He stays close to a tree line so as not to walk out in the open. About two hours pass and he arrives at the main gate, beholding the sight of Calimport. He marvels at the walls, the huge structures in the distance, the smells, everything. He marches on through the front gate with a smile and starts navigating the city. Isini approaches a man selling spice wanting to try some. The trader pushes a small plate towards Isini who immediately put most of the contents into his mouth, the trader being too late to stop him. Isini’s eyes and nose begin to run all into the plate.

“How much?”
“Uhh, just take it, you already ruined it.”

The trader tosses Isini a sack, empty. Isini trots off with a smile on his face, a couple steps down the sidewalk he notices his sack has a hole. He awkwardly carries the sack to save as much spice as possible. Isini spots a couple restaurants and attempts to put an excess of the spice in food, both attempts fail. While thinking how bored he is with the idea he sees an unbathed, out-of-place wood elf running down the sidewalk, apparently running from nothing. Isini tails the elf. A while down the road the elf turns around and spots Isini, who seems just as surprised as the elf. They both sum each other and Isini asks him a question in Alzhedo. The elf responds, “The Red.” and waves Isini to come into a small apartment like hovel. They sit on a bed while their pet weasel and coyote sniff each other and snarl.

Aseir walks along the sidewalk to a familiar little shop. He steps in and sees a dwarf intently reading a book at the counter. “Tink, I’m back. I need some more acid…” The dwarf doesn’t look up until Ace knocks on the counter, finally he peers at Ace and seems to have heard his request. Tink says, “Of course, of course.” then he gives Ace a weary look and places the book under the counter. While Tink’s in the back room Ace looks around his shop recognizing all the magic components and alchemic bits and bobbles. Tink returns with the vial that Ace asked for, the price being the going rate(2gp) Aseir hands him four gold pieces and asks what it is he’s reading so intently. Tink was reading about love potions, he points to some text in the book and beckons, “Look, look what this one does!” “Oh Tink, you and I both know you don’t need to use those…” With a pretty obvious fake smile Aseir walks out and back to his home to pick up Auron.

Aseir and Auron walk toward the caravan district of town where Ace has heard of a Shaaran caravan selling wares. They arrive and immediately Ace finds two elves to translate with the elfe, they tell him his name is Auron. Ace believes the elves are messing with him but he can’t be sure, he performs a rude gesture to them as he walks away. Then a young attractive woman hanging a red scarf catches his eye. He tells Auron to stay much like you would tell a dog to do. Aseir approaches the woman and makes small talk. He then distracts her with a different scarf and grabs the red one and puts it in his back pocket. The woman brings the scarf and Aseir exclaims how it’s alright but there are better ones out there. She looks where the red scarf used to be, Ace pulls it out and says “Like this one.” The woman pulls out a dagger and talks to Ace about thieves, Ace does not flinch and has all intent of paying. The price was two silver pieces, Ace hands her two gold pieces and continues on, unable to find the elf.

Auron walks alone through the market when a man in a chain shirt with a crossbow attempts to stop him. “Hey, boy we all got to pay the toll!” Auron immediately turns and runs, easily outrunning the human. He runs all the way back to Aseir’s house…

The last thing Aseir does is go to a stand to buy a Shaaran dagger. Before anything is said Ace wonders if the man knows who he is. He does not. The man then pulls out a roll with a handful of daggers on it. Aseir grabs one and asks of its quality, unable to discern it’s value himself, Ace calls the man’s bluff and picks up a different knife, sure of it’s quality. The man mentions that that dagger isn’t affordable to the “common folk.” Aseir understands and shakes his coin purse in a way to make it sound very full. The man nods and Ace tosses him the purse and quickly walks away, knowing that the purse has little over 20 gold pieces in it. As Ace walks away he mentions his name again, later down the sidewalk he hears his name shouted. Aseir smiles and plays with his new dagger, marveling at his own cleverness.

Aseir wanders back into his own hovel to see a kid sitting with Auron. On the floor a cat and dog growl and play and growl. Aseir rubs his temples in frustration. He finally makes out that the kid is a gnome named Isini. Ace really can’t discover anything else. Aseir does not care about the mention of Isini’s friend. Isini leaves to Aseir’s delight. Isini stands on the sidewalk inviting anyone he sees back to Aseir’s hovel. Eventually he invites two drunk dwarves. One walks into the hovel and falls on his face just inside the doorway. Aseir kicks him in the stomach. He’s passed out… The other dwarf starts going through Aseir’s things looking for liquor. Ace asks Isini who the dwarves are and can tell Isini had something to do with it. Ace notices Auron searching the passed out dwarf, Aseir winks at Auron. Ace finally gives the other dwarf a bottle of liquor and shows him to the door. The situation diffuses and Isini falls asleep. Aseir ponders what he’s gonna do with his new found “cohorts.” He searches Isini and finds his musket. Ace has no idea what the device is, nevertheless he fiddles with it and ends up pulling the trigger. Putting a hole in his ceiling. Isini wakes up and quickly grabs the rifle and reloads it. Aseir questions what it is, and what it does. Isini replies, “It does this.” And shoots again at the ceiling leaving another hole. Aseir pleads him to not do it again and to go to sleep. Aseir again strokes his temples and goes to sleep.

Xana’Triss Alone. Slowly rides his wagon to Calimport passing the wrecked airship. Seeing nothing interesting he just continues on. He arrives at Calimport and wholesales his silk and his pony and horses for a small fortune of 1600 gp. He waits til dusk and goes into town looking for a place he knows to be a front for a thieves guild, checks his weapons at the door, and sits with a halfling discussing business. The halfling tells him to come back same time tomorrow for his job. He tells Xan how it is particularly hard to hire Drow, saying it like he’s doing Xan a favor. Xan sleeps in the sewers then returns and discovers his task is to investigate the crashed airship for anything of value. He’ll get a certain cut of whatever is recovered. (Insert when he actually left to go to the wreck, i forget)

Aseir, Isini, and Auron wake up in Aseir’s hovel feeelin refreshed and ready to go. He asks Isini what he wants to do today. Isini is not sure what he feels like doing. He pulls out a recovered compass from the airship and thinks ab out his friend. Asier asks to examine the compass and asks how many there were in the airship. Lots. The two decide to head toward the crash site in an attempt to recover anything they can find. Aseir knows the objects aren’t the rarest, but they are very sought after. A profit can easily be made, and it seems easy enough. Auron follows because he really doesn’t know what else to do. Aseir plans to make his way to a stable and rent a horse and cart for the day.

Unknown to the unlikely three a man sits across from Aseir’s hovel and starts to tail them. This is the same man that scared away Auron the day before…



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