XanaT'riss Valan


Male Drow, Level 3 Ranger, 136 years old, Chaotic Neutral, Mercenary formerly of Bregan D’aerth and House Valan.


Even when XanaT’riss was a member of the now destroyed House Valan, he never had much devotion or love for the matriarchal, spider-centric drow society. Anti-social, even by drow standards, he spent most of his time volunteering for patrols on the outskirts of Menzoberranzan, then slinking away with his brother Veshni to find their own entertainment in the deep halls of the Underdark. When his House, ranked 10th in the city, was destroyed by the “alliance” of an upstart, lower-ranked House and a higher ranked one afraid of House Valan’s advancement, XanaT’riss and Veshni were once again on patrol at the time. When they returned and discovered the ruins of their home, they left the city and began taking retribution on both offending Houses, marking members of each when they were on patrol and either soundlessly murdering them or slaughtering entire drow parties simply to get at their target. On one such occasion, XanaT’riss found parchment on one of the bodies with a written contract requiring the death or capture of his brother, Veshni. When Veshni found out that he had a price on his head, he left XanaT’riss to strike out on his own, reasoning that it would be easier for XanaT’riss to carry out their task of eliminating two entire Houses one by one if the target was taken off their back.

XanaT’riss awoke the next morning to a Bregan D’aerthe blade to his throat. Thinking they had captured his brother Veshni, the mercenaries began to take XanaT’riss back to their leader, Jarlaxle. XanaT’riss escaped while the mercs were distracted by some wandering pech, and after the mercenaries had dealth with the pech, XanaT’riss killed each of his captors. Impressed with his prowess, Jarlaxle sent out another party to find XanaT’riss and offer him a place in the Bregan D’aerthe ranks. When he weighed his options, and reasoned that the mercenary group provided a much more advantageous platform from which to exact his revenge, XanaT’riss accepted.

After a brief stint with Bregan D’aerthe, XanaT’riss learned that both Houses involved in House Valan’s destruction had also been eliminated with violence. After some deliberation, XanaT’riss decided to take his talents to South Beach, aka Calimshan, a place that was conducive to his particular skill sets. After developing a fairly vast underground network of associates, and other sorts of upstanding folks who cared more about money than the color of the person’s skin who was bringing in that money, XanaT’riss accepted a job defending a caravan of silk worth a small fortune. …………………….

XanaT'riss Valan

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