Isini Kasal, Gnome Sorcerer


Rock Gnome, Sor 7, CN, Polytheic, Male, 25 years old, 3’2", 40lbs, gray eyes, black hair.

Equipment: Lantan Musket, bombs, alchemists lab & materials, cup, tiny knife, canvas sack.

[Stats and pic to follow]


Isini was born to wealthy Lantanese parents, who were shamed after Isini was kidnapped by kobolds demanding firearms and other gnome devices. He miraculously managed to escaped despite being only a toddler. He was discovered by a band of dwarven barbarians who raised him for the later half of his childhood. He was eventually returned to rock gnome society when the dwarves met a rock gnome in the outskirts of the city. This was a stroke of luck in the life of Isini as he was subsequently reunited with his family, an affluent weapon smith and his wife, both of whom lived in the wonderous city of Lantan, a place where very few have been, even amongst the gnomes.

While his parents were alive they taught him to craft musket and pistol ammo, and tried to teach him to use magic and manners in an appropriate fashion. Nevertheless, being raised in part by ravaging barbarians made him irreversibly different from the other youth in this area. His gnome blood allowed him to quickly relearn to enjoy the bizarre contraptions of Lantan. However it also gave him an enjoyment of practical mischief, a quirk that was only exacerbated by his time living with the barbarians. He was not as interested in illusion as many of the other youth in Lantan; he preferred making explosives in his free time. He eventually learned to fit in with a haughty society, but it was mostly because he got better at putting on a face, so to speak. His favorite activities include making bullets and bombs, and laughing at practical jokes he and his pet weasel play. He developed a genuine liking of the niceties of the city, but never shook the habit of asking burrowing predators for tips on hunting, so that he could acquire his favorite barbarian beverage: a glass of warm blood.


Passage to Ataraxia Santhil